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Press Release: Future Mail System

The New Electronic Postal System

Invest in your future through our new electronic postal system

The New Electronic Postal System
Sweden, Stockholm, Oct 15 2018// Newspalace PR/- All companies and institutions everywhere in the world will now get the opportunity to own a white label electronic postal system, Seqrra!

With Seqrra it is possible to deliver letters and documents in real time all over the world and be sure that the delivery will reach the correct recipient, save a lot of time and money, reduce deforestation and protect the environment from emissions
due to non physical transportation.

Join our journey here and now!
You as individuals, companies and executives are now offered the possibility to invest in the future electronic postal system that already works on a global base and in real time.

TG Devcon AB, estimate to need a capital of 2 million SEK, through crowd funding and investment to complete Seqrra with the new innovative functions that we consider needed as well as making Seqrra available in all other languages. One of the new important developements are an extern app that will make it possible to save, write and deliver letters or documents.


Expanded Security functions

We are also planning a new method of two factor authentication to make the system secure on a
global base. In addition to this we have plans that will challenge what EU is planning to launch and our time window is our biggest advantage.

Seqrra “as is”, was launched earlier this year and is a brilliant product that will be upgraded with even greater solutions. It was built and adapted to the needs of companies and institutions! Our plan now is to sell 40 % of the company and that will most likely be done by selling 40 shares at SEK 50.000 each.

Form your own opinion while visiting our website! You are welcome to try the system out by
sending letters or documents to friends and colleagues.

You find us at :


Are you interested or are wondering about how it works, have questions and want to have a
meeting to see what this can do for you? Then you are invited to contact us:

Tonie Söderström (product developer and innovator)
Mobile: +46 (0)738-93 25 28

Tomas Gestrup (partner and owner of TG Devcon AB)
Mobile: +46 (0)708-17 18 17


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